• The Rectors decide not to attend the University Council

    May 23, 2012

    The Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities (CRUE) will request an urgent meeting with the President of the Government

    The Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities (CRUE), met in a General Assembly last 4 May in Murcia, has decided to request, on 7 May, the announcement of an Extraordinary University Council with a unique point in the Order of the Day: analyse and debate on the Royal Decree-Law 14/2012, dated 20 April, whose application causes a rising concern in universities. This request was signed, under the protection of the Regulations for the University Council, by the 59 Rectors attending the meeting. It had been previously requested by the President of the CRUE but it was not answered.

    Surprisingly, the Rectors were called to an ordinary University Council in which the main point of their request does not appear in the order of the day and in which they had added some processing matters. Likewise, the Question Time point had been omitted, taking for granted that the Minister wanted to avoid any reflexion or debate.

    Even so, the CRUE, in its attempt to find solutions to initiate the requested dialogue, conveyed its readiness to the Minister of Education Culture and Sports to attend this University Council on 23 May only if he showed his commitment to announce the requested Extraordinary University Council to deal with the Royal Decree-Law 14/2012. In view of his silent and rejection and his not complying with the regulations for the University Council, the Rectors have considered that as a total lack of respect and attention to all the university community, -its students, lecturers and administration and services personnel- and for this reason, they have decided not to attend the University Council's session to be held today.

    Finally, in view of the lack of response, the Rectors will request an urgent meeting with the President of the Government.