• The University has strengthened bonds with Bolivia

    May 20, 2011

    The academic institution has signed a cooperation agreement with the Tomás Frías University of Potosí.

    Signature of the cooperation agreement between the University of Oviedo and the Tomás Frías University of Potosí
    The University of Oviedo has just signed a cooperation agreement with the Tomás Frías University located at Potosí (Bolivia) by which both institutions will start joint works in the fields of research and students mobility. The rectors of both institutions, Vicente Gotor and Roberto Bohórquez, formalized this agreement in presence of the Regional Delegation of Potosí which is now visiting Asturias.

    The rector from the University of Oviedo stressed how important this framework agreement is as it expands ties with Latin America, especially with Bolivia, a country where the Asturian academic institution has punctual cooperation agreements.

    Following this same line, his Bolivian counterpart, Roberto Bohórquez, showed his satisfaction of starting this collaboration, which could be particularly important not only for the Tomás Frías University but for this area when talking about the development of research projects.

    The Autonomous"Tomás Frías" University of Potosí, mining city located at 4.000 metres over the sea level, is similar to Oviedo on size, it counts with 20.000 students and it offers 44 degrees. The region, which has just signed a twinning agreement with Asturias, has a very intense mining activity in golden, tin and lead and it owns one of the world's largest reserves of lithium.

    The signature of this agreement, at the Rector's office, was also attended by important personalities of civil society who compose the delegation led by the Bolivian ambassador in Spain, Mª del Carmen Almendras; the Governor of Potosí, Félix González; the mayor of Betanzos, Esteban Llanos, and some members of the embassy. By the University's side, the vice-rector for Internationalization and Cooperation for Development, Ana María Fernández, and the area director for Latin America, Antolín Esteban Hernández were present as well. The agreement will be developed soon through specific cooperation agreements.