• The Council of Cooperation for Development of the University of Oviedo has been formed

    May 25, 2011

    This body will support and advise those actions and projects which are framed in the field of cooperation.

    The diverse collectives of the university community and the areas which are more related to the sphere of cooperation are represented in the Council of Cooperation for Development of the University of Oviedo. The body was officially set last 19th of May under the chairmanship of the vice-rector for Internationalization and Cooperation for Development, Ana María Fernández.

    The Council is also formed by Antolín Esteban Hernández, manager of the Area for Latin America, rest of the World and Cooperation for development, as deputy chairman; Juana María González, head of the Vice-rector's office for Internationalization and Cooperation for development, as secretary; and thirteen more members who portray the Teaching and Administrative staffs, students, and representatives from the great areas of knowledge linked to the experiences of the cooperation for development.

    Among its functions, the Council will support, channel and inform the activities and projects of the Academic Institution when it refers to the following spheres connected to cooperation for development: training to promote development, research, awareness, volunteering, technical assistance and cooperation among universities.

    It will also act as a consultant to the governing bodies of the University when they require some information about development, it will support the promotion and will monitor the fulfilment of the Universities' Code of Conduct specifically in the field of cooperation, it will propose the development of programmes of action and will inform about its evolution and results, will inform about the annual activities of cooperation for development and will recommend technical committees for the evaluation and the advice of projects.

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