• The Council of Government has approved the new rules for emeritus professors and for the posts of lecturers

    March 18, 2011

    This university body has also agreed on modifying the plan of voluntary retirements

    Julio Antonio González and Vicente Gotor
    The Council of Government of the University of Oviedo has approved 35 posts aimed at lectures, new regulations for emeritus professors and changes in teachers' early retirement plan. The university body has also accepted the memory of activities and the economic memory for the Campus of International Excellence which corresponded with 2010 as well as the creation of nine research groups.

    The posts of lecturers belonging to the university are framed in a process to stabilize the staff. The rector, Vicente Gotor, remembered that these are not new recruitments but teachers who have worked as University teachers and who are currently teaching in the University of Oviedo.

    Regarding the new regulations for emeritus professors, the main changes affect to the reduction of the emeritus condition from four to two years and the assessment of the total number of the periods of six and five years. "If we want an emeritus professor to be excellent, he must have taken all the possible sections. There has never been a filter so far and we want to have emeritus professors of excellence", he pointed out.

    It has been agreed to introduce some modifications in the voluntary early retirement plan since a flood of applications is expected for this year (92 teachers have shown their intention to avail this plan). The vice-rector for the Teaching Staff, Julio Antonio González, has explained that half of these requests relate to teachers among 60 or 61 years old, and this will imply an extra cost for the University of Oviedo that he estimated on three million of Euros. The amendment which has been included refers to the budgetary constraints to determine the number of early retirements that can be addressed.

    The rector said that the possibility of retire has not been denied to anyone as no applications have been received, just the intention of the teaching staff to get benefit of this plan. Once the application forms have been formalized, it will be reviewed who fulfils all the requirements, such as obtaining the maximum pension and it will be considered which will be the number that can be accepted. Vicente Gotor stressed that "who retires, goes home" in order to remember those teachers who choose this plan of voluntary retirement that they won't be able to keep on using their office and the rest of the facilities that the institution brings out nor participating in research projects linked to the University.

    The Council of Government approved the disappearance of the Second Cycle teachings, which has been brought forward, due to the decrease of a 50% in the number of students and because of the huge variety of options that these students can develop, for instance, university master's degrees.

    In his reports for the Council of Government, the rector mentioned the approval of the Science Law in the Parliament and the possibility of creating a staff composed only by researchers, something that exists in diverse regions but not in Asturias.