• The University approves 17 new PhD program adapted to the latest decree

    February 18, 2013

    The new academic calendar sets the start of the academic course on September 10

    The Government Council of the University of Oviedo has approved 17 PhD program adapted to the current legislation. These programs will be given to the Social Council before being finally evaluated by the ANECA, before being implemented. Some of these PhD programs are the result of the merging of previous programs, while others have been adapted from previous ones or are brand new.

    Accompanied by the Vice-Rector for Internationalization and Postgraduate Studies, Covadonga Bretón, and by the Vice-Rector for Teaching Staff and Academic Organization, Julio Antonio González, Rector Vicente Gotor informed of the main agreements of the University, which also approved the academic calendar. The Rector announced that the next academic year will begin on September 10.

    Furthermore, the number of places available for Master's Degrees has been approved, and a maximum of five sub-directors or vice-deans has been set for the direction of faculties and schools. The center will need to have more than 600 students to be able to have more than one sub-director or vice-dean.

    PhD Programs approved by the Government Council

    PhD Program on Biogeosciences

    PhD Program on Cellular and Molecular Biology

    PhD Program on Biomedicine and Molecular Oncology

    PhD Program on Education and Behavior Sciences

    PhD Program on Health Sciences

    PhD Program on Economy and Enterprise

    PhD Program on Energy and Process Control

    PhD Program on Gender, Culture and Diversity

    PhD Program on History of Art and Musicology

    PhD Program on IT

    PhD Program on Chemical, Environmental and Bio-alimentary Engineering

    PhD Program on Humanities Research

    PhD Program on Materials

    PhD Program on Physical and Analytical Chemistry

    PhD Program on New Challenges of Law in a Globalized World

    PhD Program on Synthesis and Chemical Reactivity

    PhD Program on Sustainable Mining Technology and Modelization