• Lecture of José Elguero in the Faculty of Chemistry

    February 16, 2011

    The event will be held on the 17th of February at 13h in the Assembly Hall (Sala de grados) of the Campus of El Cristo.

    The Chemist and Honorary Doctor of the University of Oviedo, José Elguero will give a conference within the cycle organized by the Campus of International Excellence on the 17th of February at 13h, in the Assembly Hall of the Faculty of Chemistry. Elguero, who will be presented by the head of the vice-rector for Research, Santiago García Granda, will talk about "The treatment of mental diseases: Neuroscience?, Psychoanalysis? Or just Chemistry?".

    José Elguero Bertolini is one of the most prestigious Spanish researchers nationally and internationally. Among other posts, he has been Chairman of CSIC as well as the Head of the Social Council of the Autonomous University of Madrid, long-standing member or the National Royal Academy of Pharmacy. He has been appointed Honorary Doctor by four Spanish Universities and two foreign Universities. He has also directed more than fifty doctoral thesis in Spain and France and he is also author of more than 1.300 articles, about 30 books and 67 general articles.