• Announcement by the CRUE regarding the proposals for the university reform

    March 05, 2013

    The Conference of Rectors values favorably the creation of a Government-University mixed commission, agreed upon during the meeting of the Council of Universities that took place yesterday

    After the meeting of the Council of Universities, held on March 4, the CRUE wishes to make known its commitment with the continuous betterment of the Spanish University System, in order to contribute as best as possible to the progress and well-being of the Spanish society.

    The Council of Universities has been informed of, among other ordinary affairs, the document titled "Proposals for the reform and improvement of the quality and efficiency of the Spanish university system", composed by an experts' commission designated by the Secretary for Education, Culture and Sports, José Ignacio Wert. In response, the CRUE has conducted a preliminary assessment in which some operative proposals have been identified, along with some of dubious application, both in legal and financial terms. The Council of Universities has agreed to study said report, as well as other available ones, related to the improvement of the Spanish university system, in order to define the possible lines for the reform.

    To achieve this, a mixed commission has been established with the Government and the Universities, to which creation the CRUE is favorable, and in which representatives from the Ministries with political and economic responsibility in the university and research spheres are present, along with the CRUE.

    This joint analysis must be compatible with the necessary introduction, by the Government, of the legal reforms that allow us to overcome what today is suffocating the functioning of the University. The CRUE is especially concerned with the current economic situation of the totality of the Universities, and worried by the severe economic restrictions introduced to the staffing policies and the possible setback to the equality in opportunities for accessing university studies.