• About 1,300 people have taken part in the guided tours of the University's Historical Building

    August 02, 2011

    Andalucía, Madrid, Barcelona and Basque Country are the communities from where most of the visitors come.

    About 1,300 people have participated in the programme of free guided tours in the University of Oviedo's Historical Building in one month and a half, from mid-June up to the end of July. Most of the visitors who want to approach the Asturian academic institution's heritage and history come from Andalucía, Madrid, Barcelona and Basque Country, who take advantage of their holidays in Oviedo to visit the Historical Building. Among Asturian visitors, those from Oviedo and Avilés must be highlighted.

    This visiting programme belongs to an initiative taken by the Vice-rector's office for University Extension, Culture and Sports so that audience can enjoy the University of Oviedo's cultural heritage. An average number of 50 people participate daily in two round o visits, which last about 45 minutes each. These numbers support the programme's success, which have managed to increase the number of visitors in the Historical Building. Furthermore, all the people which visit the building beyond visiting hours must be added to this figure.

    The University's Shop, recently located in the courtyard, also means a new element to attract visitors. With a modern and innovative designed by the architect Jovino Martínez Sierra, the Shop is a salutary lesson for the institution's finest building.

    Tour's Itinerary

    The tour starts in the courtyard, with an explanation about the Historical Building's front, and diverse rooms such as the Chapel, the Auditorium, the Faculty Room, the Great Hall and Isabel II's courtyard can be seen. After the description of the Observatory Tower, visitors will go upstairs to the High Senate in order to visit the Library. Each room will be properly explained, not only historically but also artistically. Visitors' interest is mainly focused on the Building's history and, especially on the library and its bibliographic repositories. When referring to visitors from the region, many of them come to remember their time at the university's classrooms.

    Guided tours will be held in August just in the morning shift, from Mondays to Fridays, in two rounds at 11:00 and at 12:30h.