• The street of the Rector Julio Rodríguez has been inaugurated in the Campus of Mieres

    February 25, 2011

    The rector, Vicente Gotor, and the mayor of Mieres, Luis María García, have agreed when saying that this event has paid "an unresolved debt" with the former rector.

    Authorities and Julio Rodríguez's family
    The former rector Julio Rodríguez owns a street in the Campus of Mieres since this morning. The street, located between the Scientific- Technological Building and the new Research Building of the university complex, was inaugurated in an emotive act which counted with the attendance of the family of the rector of the University of Oviedo from 1996 to 2000, politic authorities and members of the university community.

    The municipal Corporation of the City Council of Mieres decided to give one street the name of Rector Julio Rodríguez Fernández "as a recognition of the work he has done in the development of the university facilities in the city" in an extraordinary meeting held on the 11th of February. Members of the former rector's team and the university community, as well as representatives from the mining trade unions and the municipal Corporation, accompanied Rodríguez's widow, his sons, grandsons and his brothers in this act.

    After discovering a commemorative plaque to remember the former rector who died in 2005, his son, Julio Rodríguez was in charge of pronouncing some words in representation of the family. In his speech, he remembered his father's optimism and how he never wavered in his endeavour of creating the Campus of Mieres. "An act of justice has been done, and those who haven't forgotten my father during these six years have succeed", he said.

    The general head of Universities, Miriam Cueto, took part representing the Government of the Principality and she referred to the act as the "recognition of the enthusiasm, effort, hard work and initiative of the rector Julio Rodríguez", who defended an initiative with a forward-looking approach.

    The mayor of Mieres, Luis María García, remembered the beginnings of an idea –the creation of the Campus of Mieres- who had "more voluntarism than practical possibilities". But it became true, he pointed out, thanks to the "hope and determination" of Julio Rodríguez. The concession of this name to the street, decided unanimously by the Municipal Corporation, is the payment of a debt that we had with the former rector".

    The rector, Vicente Gotor, closed the event with a speech in which he showed his gratitude to the institutions and the recognition of the work done by Julio Rodríguez in the gestation of a project which was born to contribute to the development of a mining region which was punished by the restructuring. "This street is more than a tribute to the rector; I understand it as a gesture of gratitude from the Mieres' citizenship". Julio Rodríguez, he remembered, "always supported the project of the Campus because of its conviction and as he firmly thought that it will be a good option, perhaps the best, for Mieres", specified the rector.

    Vicente Gotor revised the beginnings of the project, in collaboration with the trade unions and all the institutions. "I remembered that during the worst moments, when he had to calm internal criticism and struggle against uncountable bureaucracies, he always maintained that the University had the duty of satisfying the requests that society suggests, and the Campus of Mieres – as Julio said- is not just a local value, it's a benefit for the University and for Asturias".

    This street symbolizes, the rector added, "the recognition to the great driving force of this campus. It was a pending debt which has now more sense, once this extension of land which surrounded the mining derrick has become into a university complex which we must give time to grow, prosper and reach the expectations that the town of Mieres has placed on it and on the University from its outset".