• The University and Liberbank call for grants to promote talent retention

    June 18, 2015

    The deadline to submit applications for these grants will end on July 31

    The University of Oviedo has announced a call for 25 grants funded by Liberbank, consisting of 10.000 euros each, to undertake official master studies delivered by this university. This initiative is framed in the cooperation agreement signed by both institutions for the promotion of teaching and research in the framework of the Campus of International Excellence. The deadline to apply for these grants aimed at talent retention will end on July 31.
    These grants will be available for students with an outstanding academic record and who agree to write their PhD Thesis at the University of Oviedo, thus becoming new researchers, which would help avoiding the brain-drain.
    This action is framed within the European Higher Education Area (EEI), and it is aimed at promoting competitive research, launching technological initiatives in the fields related to industrial growth, developing new R+D infrastructures and increasing the number of researchers specialized in key sectors of economy. 
    The agreement between Liberbank and the University of Oviedo, in force for three years 2014-2016, also includes bilingualism programs, internationalization of research, Liberbank awards for research in Sports Medicine, awards to the best academic record of the University of Oviedo, and also awards to the best records in the Degree in Business Management and Administration and Degree in Economics.