Service Catalog

The University of Oviedo offers a simple on-line guide for students to quickly learn how to carry out certain procedures, what requirements must be completed for each and where to go to take care of it. This initiative aims to simplify things and pave the way for students through the bureaucratic paperwork, making the whole process much more efficient.

  • Collaboration Grants for the University Library.


    This financial aid, granted by the University of Oviedo through the Vice-Rector's Office for Students, aims to improve university students' training through the services they can offer to the University Community in the form of tasks related to certain working areas at the University Library.

    This way, the University boosts the educational, cultural, professional and scientific promotion of students at the same time that they provide a service to the University of Oviedo in compatibility with their studies and get started in new tasks related to them.



    Body in charge

    Vice-Rector's Office for Students

    Contact of the body in charge

    Vice-Rector's Office for Students.
    C/ González Besada, 13.33007 Oviedo
    985 10 40 83/91/93
    985 10 35 73


    According to the call.


    Check the information on the following link.

    Forms of notification

    The Rector, within 3 months after the deadline of the application period, will issue the resolution for the awarding of grants. The resolution will be published in: University Collaboration Grants for the BUO.

    Places to submit

    Application forms are available for students at:

    Agreements and Subsidies Unit of the Vice-Rector's Office for Students of the University of Oviedo.

    C/ González Besada, 13
    985 10 40 83/91/93
    985 10 35 73

    Applications will be presented in the General Registry of the University of Oviedo, in Plaza Riego 4 (Oviedo), or in any of the Subsidiary Registries located on the Campus of El Cristo, Campus of Viesques (Gijón), Campus of Mieres; or by any of the means established by the Article 38 of the Law 30/1992 of November 26, of the Legal Regulation of the Public Administrations and of the Common Administrative Procedures, by the redaction given by the Law 4/1999, of January 13.

    Application process

    Application forms may be found at the Vice-Rector's Office for Students or extracted directly from the BOPA in which the -Annexes- call had been published. Once they have been properly filled-in, the application forms will be taken to the registries of the University of Oviedo created for the management and processing of requests.

    Students will need to wait for the ruling of the Selection Commission in charge of the evaluation of the applicants.

    Further information

    There is no call for these grants for the next academic year.