• The III International Conference on Virtual Campus begins on Wednesday

    January 24, 2012

    They will be held between 25th and 26th January in the Historic Building of the University of Oviedo.

    E-learning educational possibilities in its many shapes are the object of analysis and debate in the III International Conference on Virtual Campus, which will begin next Wednesday, 25th January, in the University's Historic Building.

    During the two days of celebration, top lecturers from the academic and professional field will take part in the conference. Likewise, there will be three parallel sessions in which the national most outstanding 58 works dealing with experiences and research on virtual campus and TIC resources in education will be presented.

    In short, it is about presenting a technological tool which most educational institutions have already included in their teaching: the "state of the art" of international and national virtual campus.

    The conference will follow those celebrated in Tenerife (2009) and Granada (2010). Likewise, it will mean a way of strengthening inter-institutional cooperation links and creating new opportunities for virtual mobility, the consolidation of cooperation networks and the internationalization favoured by virtual campus. It will be broadcasted online, with Streaming, for those who have opted for this modality.