• The University of Oviedo opens a new academic year with new bilingual tracks and a new degree ‘online'

    September 03, 2015

    The Rector emphasizes the role of the academic institution as a key element for the future in Asturias and demands a National Pact to safeguard higher education from political changes.

    Official opening of the academic year in the Paraninfo

    The University of Oviedo is starting a new academic year that offers two new bilingual degrees, the Degree in Primary Education Teaching and the Degree in Industrial Technologies Engineering. That means there are a total of 17 courses taught in English, along with the first degree completely delivered online at the institution: online Business Administration and Management.

    While waiting for the classes to start, on September 9, the official opening ceremony of the academic year 2014-2015, was held in the Paraninfo, with more than 120 lecturers, and several political and academic authorities along with representatives of the Asturian society. The General Secretary, Ignacio González del Rey, was in charge of opening the event, offering a review of the main information about the last academic year, while José Antonio Cecchini, full professor of Didactics of Body Expression, was in charge of giving the opening lecture under the title Sports and Education in Values.

    In his institutional speeches, the rector of the University of Oviedo described the milestones achieved throughout the seven years he has been in charge of the academic institution and dealt with some of the new challenges the university shall face as a higher education institution. Among the new objectives, he highlighted the promotion of sponsorship as a way to attract external funding, and emphasized that, as regards funding matters, the signature of the contract-programme is still pending.

    The rector claimed the role of the University of Oviedo as a key element in the future of Asturias, and requested institutions and the business sector to consider the institution as the driving force of regional development. He also asked for a National Pact for Education which would imply safeguarding higher education from political changes".

    For his part, the President of the Principality, Javier Fernández, praised the advantages of the understanding existing between the Regional Government and the University in the past few years, and stated that the support of the regional administration "will not be weakened", both to improve the educational offer and to strengthen the funding aimed at research.

    Classes will start next week, although new students are already attending the Welcome Days in different centers. In addition, the University of Oviedo has opened the period for registration in bachelor´s degrees that still have vacant places, until vacancies are filled or until September 30. Deadline for Masters ´Degrees and PhD programmes will end on September 4.