• Students from the Universities of La Rioja and Navarra win the poster contest held during the I Doctoral Conference of the G-9

    December 14, 2012

    The works awarded by the jury and the PhD students themselves capture researches in the field of Agrofood

    Leticia Martínez, student at the University of La Rioja, poses with her poster.

    Students from the Public University of Navarra and the University of La Rioja have won the poster contest organized as part of the I Doctoral Conference of the Group G-9, held at the University of Oviedo.

    The jury has awarded Inmaculada Gómez Bastida, a PhD student at the Public University of Navarra, whose poster is entitled Carne de vacuno enriquecida con n-3 y CLA y actitud de los consumidores frente a alimentos funcionales (Beef enriched in n-3 and CLA and customer attitudes towards functional foods).

    On the other hand, the PhD students taking part in the encounter have recognized the poster Potencial de variedades de una obtención de vinos espumosos de calidad y saludable (The potential of quality, healthy sparkling wine varieties), by Leticia Martínez Lapuente, student at the University of Navarra.

    Each of the prizes has been assigned 300 euros and a diploma. The Rector of the University of Oviedo, Vicente Gotor, was in charge of presenting the prizes during the closing ceremony of the I Doctoral Conference of the Group G-9, whose continuity, owing to its positive outcome, he foretold. The Director of Universities of the Principality of Asturias, Miriam Cueto, and the Vice-Rector for Research and Campus of International Excellence, Mari Paz Suárez Rendueles, also participated in the closing ceremony of the encounter of young researchers of the G-9.