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The University of Oviedo offers a simple on-line guide for students to quickly learn how to carry out certain procedures, what requirements must be completed for each and where to go to take care of it. This initiative aims to simplify things and pave the way for students through the bureaucratic paperwork, making the whole process much more efficient.

  • Remote access to electronic resources


    Through the remote access, it is possible to access the electronic services and resources —journals, databases, etc— located on the online network of the University of Oviedo.

    This services allows users, among other things, and depending on the type of connection, to:

    • Access the Databases and the Periodical Publications to which the University Library is subscribed (of limited use and only accessible from within the University network).
    • Connect with computers located in the network of the University of Oviedo, download software from the "Druida" server, be able to send corporative e-mails through a normal desktop mailing client, etc.

    Currently active accesses in the University:

    • Remote access through VPN for official staff of the University, allowing them to access from outside of the UniOvi network certain resources and services normally restricted to computers inside the corporative network.
    • Remote access through the SIR (RedIRIS Identity Service), hired by the University of Oviedo to grant its official staff online access to the resources available to the University and linked to the SIR, using their electronic ID (corporate username and password).


    The service is available for all acredited members of the University of Oviedo.


    To connect to the Internet from your home you will need:

    • A computer: PC, Macintosh, etc.
    • An analogical, digital (RDSI) or GSM telephone line.
    • A 56Kbps modem (preferably, external) or an RDSI adapter. If your PC is a laptop, you may use an external modem or a mobile phone GSM adapter.
    • Internet connection software. It basically consists of: network access protocols and automatized calling tools, and web-surfing applications: browsers, e-mail, etc.

    Currently, all computers come with the necessary software to access the Internet, so, in most cases, no additional applications will be required.

    Body in charge

    IT Service. Vice-Rector's Office for IT.

    Cooperation and Distance Services Section — Library of the University of Oviedo (SIR). Vice-Rector's Office for Research and Campus of International Excellence.

    Contact of the body in charge

    IT  Service
    Scientific-Technological Building. Campus of El Cristo.
    C/ Catedrático Rodrigo Uría s/n 33006 Oviedo

    Cooperation and Distance Services Section

    Campus of El Milán, Administration Building, 4th floor
    C/Teniente Alonso Martínez, s/n
    33011 Oviedo
    Cooperation Area and Remote Services


    All year round, 24 hours a day

    Frequently Asked Questions

    In case of any doubt, problem or suggestion, please contact the CAU at, or contact the Cooperation and Distance Services Section through e-mail at