• Open the period for presenting the works eligible to the National Awards for Sports Medicine Research

    June 06, 2012

    The Professional School of Physical Education and Sports Medicine of the University of Oviedo announces these awards, which are sponsored by Cajastur

    A public recognition for Spanish researchers who take excellence initiatives in the area of Sports Medicine and considerable money prizes. The National Awards for Sports Medicine Research celebrate their XV edition with the same objectives as in the first edition: giving incentives to research in this area.

    The period for presenting the works will be open until 30 November. They must be umprecedented and must deal with any topic related to Sports Medicine, health, physical exercise or improvements in the sportsmen' performance.

    They jury will take into account, among other aspects, the scientific effort, the quality and the impact of the research, its contribution to the generation, development or application of the research in the field of Sports Medicine, as well as the establishment of a bridge between basic research and research applied for the benefit of patients.

    It is estimated that three awards will be given: a first 6,000 euro prize, a second prize of 3,000 euros and a last one with 1,500 euros, each of the with the corresponding certificate. The works awarded can be published freely under the condition that the prize received is also mentioned.