• The deadline to enrol the Itinerant University of the Sea will remain opened until the 11th of May

    April 19, 2011

    The journey on board the Creoula training ship, planned for August, will cross Atlantic and Mediterranean waters.

    Creoula training ship
    The University of Oviedo, through CeCodet (Centre of Cooperation and Territorial Development), has opened, until the 11th of May, a pre-registration period for the Sea course of the academic year 2011 of the Itinerant University of the Sea. Once this period is finished, a committee appointed for this purpose, will carry out a selection process. There willl be an alternated list of students, properly stipulated, to substitute the selected students in case of there will be an eventual waiver.

    This academic project is aimed to over a hundred participants from the Universities of Oviedo, Oporto and the Naval School of Lisbon, consists on a journey of 20 days (from the 5th to the 24th of August), this route is Avilés-Lisbon-Ceuta-Mahón-Cartagena-Cádiz, which includes 300 hours of sailing on board of the Creoula training ship. This year's campaign is entitled "The Mediterranean Sea, the connection of three worlds. A bicentenary and several common challenges".

    This training project called the Itinerant University of the Sea, is an Iberian Cooperation platform with interdisciplinary aims for university training, dissemination and research about sea issues and using sailing to train participants in the development of the project.

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