• Enrollment for new students admitted into PhD Programs now open

    September 01, 2014

    The students will have to enroll online between September 1 and September 12

    The enrollment period for new students (admitted in July 2014) for the 24 PhD Programs of the University of Oviedo will remain open between September 1-12. The process can be completed online at the website of the education institution. Once finished, the students will send their proof of payment to

    The students who do not have to pay fees, or can access a reduction of the fees, will have to send a copy of the certificate that proves this right. PhD Studies belong to the third cycle of university education and their goal is to provide an advanced formation in research techniques. Through the process, the students will also have to conduct specific and complementary activities that will provide them with the skills and competences needed to achieve the title of Doctor.

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