• Registration for Masters' Degrees and PhD programs of the University of Oviedo 2015-2016

    August 24, 2015

    Students shall validate their registration online between August 24 and September 4.

    Those students who have applied for a Master´s Degree at the University of Oviedo and those who have pre-registered for a PhD program in our institution for the academic year 2015-2016, shall validate their registration between August 24 and September 4.

    For masters' Degrees:

    Once the registration process is finished, students may select the courses they would like to undertake, depending on their full-time or part-time status. During this process, students may request to have other studies or professional activities recognized. To do so, they shall tick the box "Request credit recognition.

    The request for credit recognition shall be submitted as well to one of the Auxiliary Registry Offices before the registration deadline. Once registration is completed, each student must print their proof of registration, sign it and submit it to the International Graduate Center.