• 92% of students pass the University Entrance Exam (PAU) in June

    June 12, 2012

    The average mark in the general phase in the first examination session is 6.84; the period for contesting the marks begins next Thursday, 14

    From the left to the right, Ana Alonso, Vicente Gotor, Luis Rodríguez and David Melendi.

    91.9% of the students who sat the University Entrance Exam in June have successfully passed the exams. The Rector of the University of Oviedo, has submitted this afternoon the PAU results accompanied by the Vice-Rector for Students, Luis Rodríguez Muñiz, and the Director of the Area of Career Advice and Access, Ana Alonso.

    The percentage of success is significantly lower than that from last year, when 94.7% students passed the exams. The Rector highlighted that year after year the oscillation "is slight and the rates are still very good". Likewise, he was happy with the transportation strike not creating any problem for students to be on time for doing the exams.

    The Vice-Rector for Students, Luis Rodríguez, pointed out that the results from this first examination session "use to be quite the same and show once and again that those students who pass high school training do not have any problem to pass the University Entrance Exam". Rodríguez added that the average mark in the general phase keeps on being similar to the one from previous years and on this occasion it is 6.84. The period for contesting the mark will be opened next Thursday, 14.

    Among the 3,644 students who sat the University Entrance Exams, there were 2,096 women and 1,548 men. The success rate, according to the subjects from the general phase that all students had to do, is the following: Spanish Language and Literature 83.4% with an average mark of 6.5: English Language with 64.6% of success and an average mark of 5.6; Philosophy was passed by 73.9% of students with an average of 6.2 and, finally, History, with a 79.1% of success and 6.5 as the average mark.