• 500 researchers have taken part in the Experts' Guide of the University of Oviedo for the media

    June 02, 2011

    The Campus of International Excellence has promoted this on-line initiative which tries to boost the promotion and spreading of the Academic Institution's scientific production

    Presentation of the Experts' Guide
    The University of Oviedo has presented its Experts' Guide to the Media, an on-line initiative of the Campus of International Excellence which is trying to be an effective work tool for the professionals of information and for the whole society. Around 500 teachers have joined this guide expressing their disposal to take part in the scientific spreading and promotion of their work through news, reports, interviews, opinion pieces, etc. in the media.

    The rector, Vicente Gotor, and the vice-rector for the Campus of International Excellence, Mª Paz Suárez Rendueles, offered a meeting with the people responsible of the media to present them the Guide and explained which its objectives are and how it works. The rector described this guide as a "total success" since it includes the 25% of the teaching and research staff of the University of Oviedo and it counts with representatives from the 38 departments of our university, covering, in that way, all the branches of knowledge and all the university campuses. The database is currently provided with more than 1200 references connected to the specialization field of each member.

    The vice-rector for the Campus of International Excellence pointed out that this guide is included in one of the pillars of the Ad Futurum project: "The involvement with the land", as this tool will allow the institution to get in touch with society and will reveal "silent experts" from the University of Oviedo. Following this line, Vicente Gotor explained how useful this guide could be when looking for new contacts for punctual collaborations.

    The guide is available in the CEI's website and in the corporative website of the University of Oviedo Among other actions, it will be translated into English soon with the main purpose of supporting international visibility of the university's researchers.

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