• 3.855 Asturian students of Secondary are the first to face the University Entrance Tests in Spain

    June 02, 2011

    The headquarters of the University of Oviedo hosts the tests until Friday, 3rd of June.

    2011's PAU exams at the Campus of Mieres
    In Asturias, 3.855 students are going to face the Entrance Examinations for the University, which started last Wednesday, 1st of June, and will last until next Friday, 3rd of June. Last year 3.791 students did the entrance tests. The examinations which used to take place on September have been changed to next 5th, 6th and 7th of July.

    The new PAU (Entrance tests) completes the educative structure of Secondary Education and the profile of the students becomes more important, especially if he wants to study a degree with limited places.

    The exams are now structured in two phases: a General and Compulsory part, which measures the maturity and skills of the student so that he can access to the University and which doesn't expire. The other one, the Specific and Voluntary part, assesses the knowledge and the reasoning ability in the disciplines which are related to the studies that pupils want to start and it gives the chance of improving the mark obtained in the general part. In these last tests, the subjects passed and their qualifications will be valid just for two academic years.

    The University has fit out some places to perform these tests in Oviedo, Gijón, Avilés, Mieres, Ribadesella, Cangas del Narcea and Tapia de Casariego.


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